Christ & Co. The Great Enterprise

Christ & Co. The Great Enterprise

by Ken Wilson

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Anyone who thinks church is a matter of polished wood and thick carpets, hushed voices and reverent services, will find this a challenging book.

After 2000 years of development would the first followers of Jesus recognise the church of today?
If we could build the church again, based on the New Testament, what would it be like; what would it do; who would lead it; how would it be governed? And most importantly, what could it teach us about making the 21st Century church more effective in its mission?

In looking for answers to these questions, Christ&Co. – The Great Enterprise, regards the church as a partnership between Christ and his followers, like the fishing partnership of Peter, James and John who joined Jesus’ partnership to become "fishers of men".

Under headings like "Core Activities", "Human Resources", and "Finance" this book seeks to interpret biblical principles for the present age, while trying to make sure that the New Testament writers were not saying one thing and we are hearing another.

Of course we cannot build the church again from the ground up, but, if we could, perhaps it would look a little like Christ&Co




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Christ amp Co The Great Enterprise




Ken Wilson



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